Personal Bio

Twenty years of traditional martial arts training has taught me much about discipline, mental toughness, self-awareness, body mechanics, muscle memory and self-control. Those are all great attributes that just about anyone can learn if they apply themselves hard enough and for long enough.

What I've realized is that most people do not have the time, desire or capacity to train in a traditional martial art long enough to gain those benefits. I also realized that traditional martial is not always applicable for a street fight or worst case scenario. This is where my interest in Raw Combat started. Training with Luke Holloway, founder of Raw Combat International, forever changed my perspective on Self-Protection. Luke helped me shift from a Traditional, Self-Defense approach to an Adaptive, Pro-Active approach that can be applied to any real life situation. This develop in my training has been fundamental and why Raw Combat Mid-Atlantic exists today.


  • Self Protection, Close Quarters Combatives and Weapon Threat Management Instructor under Luke Holloway of Raw Combat International.
  • Owner of Raw Combat Mid Atlantic established in 2011 under Raw Combat International.
  • Founder of Complete Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Stevensville, Maryland, established in 2006. My previous BJJ students have now opened a Certified Gracie Training Center.
  • Awarded Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2012 by Professor Roberto “Maguilla” DaSilva.
  • Multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in No-Gi Grappling and BJJ Tournaments.
  • Private instruction with various instructors in martial arts such as: Korindo Aikido, Japanese Shoot fighting, Kickboxing, Judo and MMA.
  • Various firearm experience including Junior NRA Sharpshooter, NRA Firearms Safety Course and various shooting courses.

Phil Whitelock

Real Life...Real Training

Who I Instruct :

  • Civilians in private and group sessions who are seeking Self Protection training.
  • Professionals needing Self Protection such as EMS, Security, Teachers and others.
  • Police, Military and Various Government Agencies.
  • Anyone seeking effective, applicable and job specific Self Protection.

Raw Combat International:

Raw Combat International